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Going on Vacation to Disneyland

Disneyland has been a symbol of a theme park and family vacations ever since its opening in California in July 1955. It has been a magnet for both kids and parents, pulling them with its magnificent atmosphere, diverse attractions, and shows.

Quickly Disneyland became a popular vacation destination for families because it gave parents the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing vacation in a nearby resort, while at the same time their children are having fun in the park.

If visiting Disneyland Resort for the first time, you will need three or four days for sightseeing. For a first visit at Disney World, you will need a week or more. This way, visitors have a few extra days and can spend some time at the other attractions in South California ~ for instance the beaches, Universal Studios, or the Knott~s Berry Farm.

It is probably best to stay inside Disneyland rather than an outside hotel. But then again, some of the Harbor Blvd hotels are actually located closer to the park's front gates than the on-property hotels.

Still, they have done such a great job of preserving the theme throughout the range of properties, that staying at Disneyland's Grand California Hotel or Candy Cane Inn is a wonderful experience that it would be a shame to miss.

A tip to remember is that it is worth to arrive early and Disney~s and to use the FastPass system. FastPasses can be obtained at the entrance of each ride. It is true, that while on vacation, you are hardly eager to get up early, but in order to see as much as possible from Disney~s, it is advisable not to get there late.

Just put a valid park admission ticket in the machine, and it gives you a FastPass ticket for that ride. Unfortunately, it is not available for all rides, only the larger, more popular ones.

Going to Disney~s with kids of any age is fine. If the kid is too young for a particular ride, the solution is a child swap. Ask the attendant at the attraction~s entrance and they will do their best.

Generally, one of the adults stays with the younger children, while the rest of the group enjoys the ride and when they get back, the adult, who took care about the children, can hurry to enjoy the attraction as well.

Disneyland is a remarkable place to visit anytime of the year. Constantly, there are great shows. One of the most popular shows are parades of famous Disneyland characters.

Children love the chance to be photographed together with their favorite characters. Floats of musicians, dancers, and horses is another not-to-miss attraction. The unbelievable fireworks are also a great show.

Wherever you travel inside Disneyland, you will surely have a wonderful vacation for the whole family, along with great memories. For children, it is a dream come true, while for parents, it allows them to combine a fun and peaceful vacation at their own leisure in one of the many resorts inside.

And who knows, there is always next year to come back again....

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