European Cruise Travel Vacations: Best Way To Travel In Europe

By Arun Chitnis

As with all other forms of travel abroad, a European cruise vacation is not as easy and uncomplicated as climbing on a craft and taking off.

There are various formalities to be handled that are specific to European travel laws and not all of them are likely to be covered by the cruise company. But with a valid and current passport, the appropriate currency and enough medical documentation, one is safely off to see the spectacular continent.

Among the most prominent cruise lines that cover European cruise vacations are Cunard Line Cruises, Holland America Cruises, Oceania and Princess Cruises. Each of these takes vacationers across the Atlantic on voyages that can last from 3 to 22 days – or longer, depending on the numbers of ports of call.

Since it is impossible to cover all European highlights in a single cruise, travel plans are usually offered for certain sections of the continent. Each plan will include the most popular post of call and most cruise vacationers who have ‘done’ European vacations before swear that there is no better way to see them.

The most popular European cruise vacations are the ones that cover Portugal and Spain, the British Isles, Norway or Russia.  A Portuguese cruise lays a feast of the finest of the country’s fabled village-and-vineyard culture on display, while a British vacation may cover Scotland, Ireland, Lisbon Amsterdam and other destinations.

Explore Norway’s awe-inspiring fjords and mountains on a cruise liner

Explore Norway’s awe-inspiring fjords and mountains on a cruise liner

Norway’s awe-inspiring fjords, mountains and shipping channels cannot be seen to better advantage than from a cruise liner, and Russia and Ukraine are also eminently well disposed to cruise vacationers.

Central Europe can further be explored by special river cruises, such as a voyage down the Danube that take the vacationer to places like picturesque Vienna and Budapest.

European cruise vacationers invariably have the option of seeing Europe under expert escort, or to explore it independently. The latter option is only recommended for those who know Europe well, and who are workably familiar with the necessary languages.

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